Skin Boosters

Injectable skin boosters, and moisturisers increase dermal hydration and stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin.

By improving the underlying matrix of the skin, skin boosters can improve texture and dramatically boost moisture and luminosity.

Restylane Skin Boosters 

Restylane Skin Boosters are a Hyaluronic Acid preparation, which boost hydration, firmness and elasticity. The Skin Booster is delivered by tiny subdermal injections, where the Hyaluronic Acid immediately plumps the skin by attracting water molecules.

Restylane Skin Boosters improve skins firmness, elasticity and radiance in a subtle and gradual way which is natural but with noticeable radiance. The results of Restylane Skin Boosters can be seen for up to 12 months:

  • smoother skin
  • reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
  • tighter and firmer looking skin
  • Increased radiance
  • Increased dermal hydration
  • Improvement of acne scars


A course of 3-4 treatments is usually recommended at 2-4 weeks apart. 


Juvéderm Volite 

Is especially formulated for reducing fine lines while delivering hydration and a small amount of structural support (light filling), this treatment can be used for improving the skin on the back of hands, vertical lip lines around the lips, and improve crepiness and fine lines around the eyes. 

A single treatment is required and can be repeated every 6-9 months. 


Teosyal Redensity 1

Teosyal Redensity 1 is a skin booster which contains unstructured hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. The formula also contains glutathione, alpha lipoic acid and vitamin B6, to deeply nourish, repair and restore the structural elements of the skin. Redensity 1 can:

  • improve skin hydration, 
  • enhance luminosity
  • increase elasticity
  • improve fine lines and textural issues. 


Teosyal Redensity 1 typically involves three initial sessions delivered one month apart with maintenance top-up treatments every 6 months. Teosyal can be used to improve skin on the face, décolletage and hands.  

Profhilo  “Injectable Glow”

Profhilo is a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid biostimulator, which remodels the underlying structure of the dermis and injects a lustrous, healthy glow into your skin. Rather than filling the skin, Profhilo slowly releases hyaluronic acid and stimulates collagen and elastin formation.

Profhilo dramatically improves skin laxity, wrinkles, crepiness and elasticity. Overall, your skin is brighter, tighter and more luminous.

Once injected, Profhilo diffuses into the surrounding tissue and stimulates different types of collagen and elastin production over the next 4 weeks. It is recommended to have two treatments, one month apart, with maintenance treatments at four – six monthly intervals if required. 

Profhilo can be used to improve skin on the mid and lower face, neck,  décolletage and knees.